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Voltage SecureMail Add-ons
Offer Integration With Your Business Workflow That Includes Employees, Partner Communities, And Customers

Additional capabilities are available as add-on tools, connectors, plug-ins and modular additions to Voltage SecureMail™.

Add-Ons Descriptions
Voltage SecureMail eDiscovery Compliance Tool The Voltage SecureMail eDiscovery Compliance Tool decrypts all secure email, to facilitate easy indexing and full text searches. The eDiscovery compliance tool makes every secure mail visible to the administrator during this essential business process; even when those messages are stored in a local file on the user’s system. With the eDiscovery compliance tool, Voltage SecureMail enables administrators to seamlessly implement important workflows throughout the organization, while maintaining the highest levels of security.
Voltage SecureMail Archive Connector The Voltage SecureMail Archive Connector automatically decrypts all secure emails when they are archived to Symantec Enterprise Vault. This facilitates easy indexing and full text searches of decrypted messages in the archive. With the Symantec-certified archive connector, Voltage SecureMail enables the continuation of important workflows with no additional administrative burden. Essential business processes such as e-discovery, retention, and review are conducted on decrypted messages, while maintaining the highest levels of security.
Voltage Large Attachment Delivery Module Voltage SecureMail Large Attachment Delivery maximizes deliverability of large attachments by avoiding mail server file size restrictions set by the sending and receiving organizations. Attachments that exceed the configurable size limit are automatically removed from the message, encrypted as Voltage SecureFiles (optional), and stored in the DMZ on a Voltage SecureMail Gateway or third-party storage. The attachments are downloaded from the ZDM server. Voltage SecureMail Large Attachment Delivery reduces the risk of employees using insecure means to exchange files containing confidential or sensitive information.
Voltage SecureMail Application Edition Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) for applications that generate, store, and/or use email within the context of application or website-driven workflows and business processes. Enable data protection for internal or inbound application or website email without interrupting business processes. Option to use a RESTful API to avoid the complexity and operational cost associated with integrating email encryption using SMTP gateways or and SDK approaches. Protect more of the messages that contain PII, PCI, or other sensitive information, reducing your overall business risk, such as risk of breaches, fines, and damage to reputation.
Voltage SecureMail Statement Edition The Voltage SecureMail Statement Generator Service enables you to securely deliver automatically-generated invoices, account information, and other electronic statements directly to each customer’s inbox. Statements are encrypted and sent automatically, and received like standard email, saving time and money while providing a safe, secure delivery method. The secured message arrives in the user’s inbox, and can be decrypted and viewed with any browser, quickly and easily.
Connector for Thales nShield Connect Voltage SecureMail supports Thales nShield Connect hardware security module (HSM) devices for key generation with Voltage SecureMail. Allows enterprises to generate the Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) base secret and user keys inside tamper resistant Thales nShield Connect hardware security modules (HSMs). Operator Card Set (OCS) can be used to provide additional layers of security for unattended / remote operation of the HSM.
Voltage Encryption Client Voltage Encryption Client, Voltage Security’s flagship desktop application, provides persistent data-level protection for sensitive and confidential data inside email and files. The client provides confidence and peace of mind that data in email, files, and documents is protected, wherever it is, with the least risk. The client is the only solution that effectively combats today’s sophisticated security threats and makes the data useless to attackers, ensuring that people and applications can easily access the data – under policy control – when they need it. Voltage Encryption Client offers a number of advanced capabilities not available with competing desktop encryption products – such as client-side encryption rules and tight integration with Windows and Office. Voltage Encryption Client supports Active Directory authentication and groups, as well as Exchange Global Address List, distribution lists, and contacts. Voltage Encryption Client includes three main components: Flag Secure – gateway encryption for email (available with Essentials Edition); Send Secure – desktop-level, end-to-end encryption for email (available with Standard Edition); and SecureFile – data-centric encryption for files and documents (available with Enterprise Edition).


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